Introducing gono

What is Gono?

Gono is a firefox plug in. It is also known as the HTML Dry Cleaner.

You can read more about why I believe this is important here.

What does Gono do?

Gono sanitizes HTML pages for you.  It strips attributions in search results from Google. So the next time you search on Google, you can click on the links on the right, and it will take you directly to that URL without a detour through Google’s data centers.(see for yourself: hover over a link and check in the status bar at the bottom of firefox). You will see that it is going directly to the destination rather than through some weird links.

Why should I use this?

If you are concerned about privacy issues with Google, then gono is the firefox extension for you. Since it goes straight to your destination, Google cannot store data on your behavior.

I have nothing against Google, BTW. I just like to disclose the information that I want to, and nothing more.

Do I have access to source code?

Yup. This is all client side code, so you can just read the javascript that is in the firefox extension package.

Please ensure that the checksum matches SHA1(gono.xpi)= c3640809a01ee85fb33855763692726bdc49a305

How do I install it?

1. Download gono.xpi . Save it to disk.

2. Go to Firefox menu, File->Open, and open this file. The extension will get installed. (You will see HTML Dry Cleaner, as in the picture below)

HTML Dry Cleaner

HTML Dry Cleaner

3. Restart Firefox. You are in business.

Problems/Comments/Feedback: please report them to, or write a comment in my blog. Thanks!

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