The retina macbook pro

My 2007 macbook pro was too old to take the mountain lion upgrade. Fine, I took the plunge and forked over the money for the new retina macbook pro.

You don’t normally use words like ‘breathtaking’ when talking about laptops, but I am tongue tied. This laptop is like nothing you might have used before. I’m tempted to say ‘and ever will’, but I know that’s not true.

If you are like me, you have seen this laptop and walked away saying ‘Meh’. Trust me, once you start using the Retina display, there is no going back. More than pictures, it is text that I still gawk at. Brilliantly clear and sharp. Writing code on it goes from fun to downright pleasurable. The form fact is just perfect. So much thinner and lighter. I struggle with using the previously beautiful apple 27″ monitor. Suddenly, everything else has glaring imperfections. ¬†Going from retina to non-retina is a struggle. I have never heard the fan (even when I am running flash).

It reminds me of what Job’s said -‘ Design is how it works, not how it looks’. This laptop is a real winner. The only problem is all the drool landing on the keyboard


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