12 TED talks for entrepreneurs

The Shopify blog put together a list of 12 talks for entrepreneurs. Here is my list of the major points of the talks:

Dan Ariely:  Are we in control of our own decisions ?

(read his amazing book, predictably irrational)

We are not always in control of our decision making – and how choices are presented to us influence us heavily – and we are completely unaware of it

Rory Sutherland: life lessons from an ad man

Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread

I found this having a lot of interesting overlaps with Seth Godins presentation:  You have to either build a remarkable product (Godin) or figure out a way to make it remarkable to people (Sutherland). It is either about having enough implicit value for people that they talk about it (‘no one talks about a cow by the side of the road – but they will if it is purple’) or creating creating intangible value -potatoes became a staple in German food (the kings garden started growing it and guarded the crop after the citizens refused to eat it)

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Entrepreneurs make a mistake by focusing on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Great leaders focus on the why. Inspire people. Martin Luther  King said ‘I have a dream’ not ‘I have a plan’.  Apple employees believe that they produce great, beautifully crafted products, and consumers can see the love in it. They buy into the products emotionally

(to be continued..)

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