Do Women rule the internet?

An interesting article doing the rounds is one titled ‘Why Women Rule The Internet‘. It is authored by Aileen Lee, who is a partner at Kleiner. The article is just strange. I fail to understand the premise and the conclusion it draws.

The premise of the article is
– Women are the majority of users on social websites
– Women shop a lot on the internet, more so than men
– More women are active on twitter. (Apparently, Twitter is supposed to be a ‘techie insider’ product. I am stunned)
– So Women rule the internet

It is no secret either that women are more active in social aspects of life, from relationships to parenthood. (I hope this does not sound chavunistic). Men’s magazines are about fast cars, girls and more fast cars. Women’s are about relationship, fashion and beauty. So why is it surprising that social web sites – all about relationships – attract more women than men?

How on earth is ‘Women shop a lot on the internet’ insightful? I have no interest in digging up stats on this, but really, is that so different from the experience in malls? Women shop more. The fact that they shop more on the internet – well, duh.

I find it interesting to see how ‘consuming’ is being mistaken for ‘ruling’. Consumers are not rulers: they are the suckers who purchase products and fork over their hard earned money. The producers of web properties are the rulers. They take your money to the bank. Women will rule the internet when they produce the web sites where consumers – men and women – go to consume. It is heartening to see more women entrepreneurs, as alluded to by the story. But to claim they rule the internet is silly. When the next generation of Facebook, Zynga, Groupon and Twitter has female CEO’s, there is a claim to be made. Till then, the only claims that can be made are ‘there are more women consumers of social and shopping web sites than men’ and ‘If you are selling stuff online, make sure you take female consumers into account’.

2 thoughts on “Do Women rule the internet?

  1. Hi Siddarth, what an enjoyable blog! I like the style, it has some serious issues, and I enjoy the tongue-in-cheek remarks even there.
    Women rule – well, that’s not really new, is it?
    Haven’t we always bought household items, and also underwear, socks and other clothes not only for our kids, but also -a lot of women, I understand- for the hubbies? No, that’s not surprising.
    The question is: what decides who ‘rules’ on the internet? Is that really the number of purchases? I would hope there’s more important issues.

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