This changes everything (10/4/2005)

12 years after I first used mosiac, it suddenly hit home how the web has changed everything. What an incredible equalizer the web is !

I wanted to get Hepatitis A shots for my son, who is 20 months old. My pediatrician said he cannot administer this since he is less than two years old, per the CDC guidelines. So I looked up the CDC web site and found that the CDC had changed this to greater than 12 months. The following conversation then ensued between us:

Me: I believe you have to be older than 12 months to get the Hep A shot
Doc: (somewhat impatiently) Look, I am the doctor here and am telling you it is 24 months
Me: Well, what is the source of your information
Doc: The CDC guidelines. I have the book in front of me
Me: When was it published?
Doc: (getting a little upset) 2004. See, it is new, and you are wasting my time
Me: On Aug 11, 2005, the CDC published new guidelines. As per these guidelines ( VAQTA and Haverix have been approved for use in children greater than a year old
Doc: Eh ?
Me: (repeat information)
Doc:(all confused) OK, let me find someone who knows how to use a computer and call you back
Me: Ok thanks

An hour elapses. I get a call
Doc: (grudgingly) looks like you were right. I’ll ask the staff to arrange for a vaccination for your son

No one can hide information any longer. No padlocks, no gatekeepers, go straight to source. The internet has changed all the rules. It is truly the great information equalizer. Thanks Google , and thanks Tim Berners-Lee.

BTW, interesting anecdote. I left my hotel keycard in my room while traveling to Mtn. View, and went down to the lobby to pick up a new one. I saw a rather distinguished looking gentleman in the lobby waiting to check in. Long beard, balding. Wearing a three piece suit and what looked like a clown’s costume in his hand. He looked somewhat familiar. After trying to figure out for a while who he was, I asked him.

His Answer? ’ My name is Vincent Cerf’.

Wow. I saw him at his first day at work at Google . I believe he has joined as ‘Chief Internet Evangelist’. Rather silly title, if you ask me. I mean, if you work for the water company , do you need a ‘chief water evangelist’ ? Are you afraid that people will stop consuming water ?

Anyway, he was a really nice guy. The clown outfit was not really a clown outfit, as you might expect. It was his gown from the University of Balearic Islands which gave him a honorary degree.

rails with mysql: uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes

if you get this error on snow leopard, check to see which version of mysql is installed.

%> file `which mysql` <-- notice the backticks

The correct response is below

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql: Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64

If you have 32 bit mysql installed, uninstall it (be sure to back up your databases first) and then install the 64 bit db. Uninstallation is simply removal of the /usr/local/mysql dir using sudo